I am so weird

People say it is hard to understand other people.

I like to say that I would be happy to just understand myself a bit more often.

My most recent thing is that I have become a lot better at buying things. I am not sure it is all good, but it sure is kind of an exciting change. I have bought more expensive things with shorter intervals than … ever before I think. This is good in the way that I used to put off buying useful things much more than needed, and also because I have (mostly) only bought things I actually planned to get.

The bad part is that it feels so different and that I not see where it came from or where it is going. Normally when I buy something expensive I will go through a lot of looking at my finances both before and after, looking at the mark it makes on monthly expidentures and often delay buying other stuff to next month in some kind of balancing effort. But now, I have gone out, made the purchases, then sat down, looked at myself and felt something like "okay, what was that?" Not bothered about the expense, not feeling I made a bad purchase, just … a little confused and surprised? As if somthing out of the ordinary just happened and shook me around a little bit.