Back under my sky

A good day at work, started with the alarm set an hour later than usual.

Remind me again why I insist getting up that early every morning?

An evening of board games in great company. Well, a board game. I think I am getting better at it, ever so slightly, but I still have a long way to go.

Biked home. It still feels like summer after all. Fired up the console and got a quick fix of No man's sky. A patch was out, its contents still unknown to me. I am curious when, how and for how long the game will evolve. I can imagine very small fixes doing a lot to make the game feel smoother to play. I do not go around annoyed by the interface, but various moves could definitely be faster, and the whole flow would be altered in the process.

But of course, the really exciting thing would be if they actually start to add things. In a game like this, the possibilities really are endless. I mean, they could pretty much throw whole new game types in there if they wished. The world is as wide open to expansion in this way as in any other.

Man, things are good.