Like an animal

Power went out this evening, right before podcasting was scheduled to happen.

I am pretty sure it has happened at least once before while I have lived in this apartment, but it is rare. It must also be one of my longer outages, lasting about half an hour.

Things did go pretty dark, and I was reminded how few of my devices have connectivity without wifi and cables. My phone was almost out of power, so I ended up sharing my Ipad mini's 4G connection. It provided one of those magical little Apple moments, where I started sharing the connection on the Ipad and the Macbook was online and downloading tweets as the screen lit up. No clicks, no selecting anything. Just the trust of two devices belonging to the same Icloud account and in Bluetooth range of each other, I think.

I wish more things did that. I wish technology felt magical a bit more often. Sure, a lot of it is extremely magical all the time. But find ways to make me look at it with new eyes a bit more often.

As it was supposed to be podcast time, I felt I had to give it a shot. It could have worked. But it turned out a 4G connection to an Ipad well inside a building, shared wirelessly to a Macbook did not provide quite enough bandwidth for Skype. Fancy that.

The other fun tech part of the power outage was using Twitter (in a dark room without wifi, like an animal) to find and chat with some random people nearby. The combination of Twitter and some localized event is great every time I remember to make use of it.

(Honorable mention to the power company's outage information, which not only included a correct estimate of time to fix but also a number of affected customers, a number which went down as the problem was worked on. Could all be pulled out of thin air by some energetic webmaster, but a good impression in any case.)