First coffee

The post-travel blues set in properly today. Perhaps that is why my mom's ideal for family holidays seemed to be getting home the very last evening of the holiday?

The skies are grey, the rains come and go, the air is cool. It is dark enough having lamps on mid-afternoon feels both cosy and appropriate.

Perhaps this is not so much blues as an autumn mood?

The silly data shoveling I began before Berlin is in its last stage, after which I can … check it off the list, I guess. It is a perfect day for doing those kinds of things. All that remains now is to suddenly realize another way of doing it which would have saved half the time or something.

Dusted off my moka pot, set the grinder to the finest possible setting and made myself a small batch of nice and strong coffee. Coffee and cool winds work magic. I spent too much of the first half of the day with my ears buried in podcasts, now that I stopped the gears are turning just a little easier and I am thinking thoughts and doing little things instead of just feeling foggy and unfocused.

Soon time to go and watch what I expect to be a truly terrible movie and hang out with actual humans face to face. That if anything will be a nice twist to my mood. (And hopefully some podcast material, we have been looking forward to actually warning people about a movie for a while now.)