Sweet trips

… are made of food and walking. This trip is oh so sweet. The mind winds down, happy to think mainly about the next destination and the next thing to eat or drink. The world is physical, concrete, full of solid things to enjoy. Voices, places. Even when I do pull out my phone and find a trickle of wifi I feel slightly at a loss as to what I might want to do with it and why it seems to matter so much in daily life.

I knew the day would turn out well when it turned out apple pie with whipped cream was breakfast.

I wonder what would happen if I stayed in city travel mode for long enough. Would I tire of it and start acting differently? In what way? Is there something valuable to dig out here, and how can I apply it back home?

Yeah, I know, "just get out more" … I just wonder if there are pleasant ways to trigger the mode switch.