The evening's entertainment

As the Sunday evening began to settle down, it became clear my brain had nothing to worry about. Very clear, as it decided what I really need to do to start on a better life is move all the raw material for all of my edited podcasts to a different backup drive.

Here we are, starting on a beautiful two-step copy of about 450 GB of data.

Times like these really make me wish all the interfaces of all my computers were just a lot faster. No, it will not make me buy new hardware, but I sure wish what I have had come a lot farther. Buying more probably would not help in the long run either, once you have the mindset where you get the urge to put data into its right places every now and then, the place will be wrong no matter the hardware it's on. Be it floppies, CD:s, drive partitions, physical drives, servers or backup clouds somewhere. If the place starts to feel wrong, moving stuff out of there and to wherever right is this time will take time and feel frustrating.

I also really, really need to generate at least one more thing to do, to stop myself from glancing at that damn (lack of) progress bar every five seconds for the next four hours.

Things I do

Today is the seventh day straight in which I write and publish something here. It might actually be an all-time record, and it came about quite consciously. Not the seven days in particular, but recently I have been thinking about trying to be more intentional and planning. Starting with a plan for the week seemed natural, so I tapped down a headline for each day of the week and thought a bit about what I wanted to do each day. I am not sure if I had a topic in mind, topic or not I did write down "Text for the website" under the Monday headline.

The Monday plan went well, so when I was looking over Tuesday in the evening I threw "Text for the website" in there too. And from there it just kept spreading …

(That copy is not even ten percent finished yet …)

It is not hard for me to write, but I always want to do more of it. Even though I write notes of one kind or the other pretty much every day, there is an extra box of satisfaction ticked in my mind when the text is also "published" so that people can find and read it.

The whole planning idea itself also went well, simple and short as it was. Looking at a list of five days meant I could think of something to do, place it on a day in the future and feel completely done with it for the moment. My previous todo handling has been to have lists for various situations (home, work, "to buy", that kind of thing), but no placement in time for anything (except calendar events and reminders). I will try, really try, not to build a whole System out of this. There definitely is a risk though, if this happens to work well for more than a week. Hitting the end of the summer holiday in another week will be an interesting hurdle.

Come to think of it, a new week is coming. Time to make another plan!

Side effects

Regular pushing of stuff to here has the added pleasure of using the tools I have for it more often. It also reminds me of the annoying side of my home-made site system: I have not built a way for myself to publish without access to one of my own computers, nor am I likely to build it in the future. Publishing from just any device with a connection does not feel so important, but it would be nice to at least have the possibility from my own Ipad. I have ideas about how I could set it up, but … well, I mostly write on my own computers anyway. Were I to fiddle with things enough to set this up, I should probably fix a bunch of other things too, and then there are a host of prebuilt systems I could and should use instead.

No, not tonight, anyway.

And it is not going in the plan for the next week either, thanks for asking.

(Twenty percent!)