Peakemon go?

In the spirit of "yes, we are all different!", I have been pocketing monsters (pokin' the 'mon?) just like everyone else. Today I hit the first snag (and drained my phone battery) and found myself wondering if it is at all worth it.

What happened was the simplest thing possible: I ran out of ammunition. No balls to throw means no more catching of monsters until I refill. Refilling means visiting designated locations which yeild a few random items on each visit. Of course, a certain amount of time needs to elapse between visits for the location to produce more items. I can also pay for ammunition (or do a few other cumbersome things).


In short: with the need to resupply, playing Pokémon go suddenly became Work. Work demanding active time out of my day to allow me more of the gameplay I am interested in.

When something demands Work from me, I have an allergic reaction for which the most natural treatment is to remove said something from my life. It is the same reaction which made me stop wearing my Garmin GPS watch all day: the watch wanted to add Work in the form of focus on steps, calories and other little achievements (plus, it wanted to attach a device to my wrist all day, every day).

I think this is the first step pushing me away from the game, keeping me safe from the mills of grinding and the purchases of in-app.

On one hand, it could be a bad sign that this point came so quickly.

On the other, it is a good sign the game made such a splash it got even stodgy old me to try it at all.

Augmented reality for a better world

On the other hand, I just love how the whole world feels positively affected by Pokémon go right now. People are moving around everywhere. People of all ages, shapes and forms. The world feels safer, because no matter the time of day I run into people who are out to play a game. I read that into every brief crossing of paths instead of wondering what kind of shady business brings this person to be in this odd place at this time of day.

I want the world to keep feeling like this.