Friday order

You have a problem winding down on Fridays, mister Johansson. You just finished a week of work, and the fact that the shoulds had to be pushed ahead of you a little more than usual is not a good reason to spend the first free evening thinking about them.

Wind down. Listen more carefully to this music you just put on. Make that brain slow down for a while. Enjoy the fact the alarm will not sound tomorrow morning.

Oh, and this little article drifted by on Twitter. It was from NPR, of all places, a source I associate with some degree of quality. But the article was just a mess. The gist was that standing desks (and variations) are popular, but that there is not any research clearly pointing to health benefits. So far, so good. If there are indeed, as the article indicates in the beginning, people claiming standing desks as the next silver bullet for all things health, it is important to meet such claims with facts.

But then comes the whole mess, as there is no summary of what benefits people are even talking about. It even seems the sources quoted are talking about whole different areas of research, from the benefits (or not) of actually standing up instead of sitting down to whether the extra energy burned actually matters and even whether access to an adjustable desk actually makes you use it and actually stand up to work.

I suppose the point was to note all the different areas and that benefits had not been noted in any of them. But mainly it all came off to me as lacking a clear thread. I do not know what to do with it and, as you can tell, spend all my time thinking about the form rather than the content.

Um …

Right, wind down and listen to the music. Right?