A week of cold and a weekend of winter. That is roughly what we have got so far.

Even if that is all we get this year, it will sadly add up to a better winter than in all of 2015. I was very close to rushing up to the attic and bring back the Christmas decorations I had just packed away again.

Weather remains unable to touch me much this winter, I am still having too good a time to care much what it gets up to.

Casting a pod with Wordpress

I wanted to talk about Star wars: the force awakens (I will not spoil anything here), so I naturally wound up making a podcast episode out of it. And once that was done just pushing it into some other random feed seemed a little unworthy. So … yes, I made another podcast. I call it Den makalösa, it is in Swedish and it remains to be seen with what kind of regularity new episodes will appear. Nothing is promised, but ideas and enthusiasm is in good supply.

Outside of the podcast experience itself, the major new thing so far has been getting aquainted with Wordpress and learning how to get things set up there. Hosted Wordpress is by far the most hands-off-code I have ever been when dealing with a web site. It is a new and gently constricting but at the same time relaxing experience. Constricting because I am completely stuck using things others have built to get what I want done, relaxing because … well, because I only need to snap together pieces others have built to get what I want done, and then I can just focus on getting content in. I know I could probably get access to customize themes, write my own plugins or whatever other opportunities to break your own things Wordpress provides, but it saves a lot of time when those options are far enough from reach that I just let go and move on whenever I fail to find a way to make some detail just so.

If anyone is curious, the site currently uses the Twenty fifteen theme. I host the audio files on the site and I handle the actual podcasting stuff using the Seriously simple podcasting plugin with Seriously simple stats for … well, seriously simple stats.

I did plug Podtrac in briefly for, hopefully, better stats, using the Podtrac and Seriously simple podcasting plugin but I ran into problems downloading the audio when the Podtrac was handling redirects. This most likely was a temporary thing, I do recall some similar problem when I attached Podtrac to Kodsnack's Sumpsnack feed, but my patience ran out and I wanted to tell the world so I just turned it off and set out with just the simplest, barest stats for comfort.

The logo and album artwork are my own Inkscape creations, so I also added the SVG support plugin for my fix of unnecessarily sharp and zoomable images.

Super special thanks to Macpro hosting and my Björeman // Melin co-host Joacim Melin for providing server space!