Four hours of Christmas/exercise

I have had a great weekend.

A friend had a suggestion for a good way to spend a Saturday. The suggestion was simple: exercise together. One hour on a crosstrainer, one hour on an exercise bike, an hour of running and an hour of swimming. This all sounded great to me.

Not only because the company was right, but also because:

So it was all good, and the newness of it all meant I put no pressure whatsoever on myself to do more than get through and enjoy. And enjoy I did.

As if to encourage us further, weather got involved. When I pulled up the curtain in the morning, the world was white and snow kept falling with such intensity I was surprised to find buses and trams running on time. Temperatures hovered just around freezing, cold enough that snow stayed on the ground without melting but warm enough to be very pleasant to run in.

In short, when we set out on our run we headed into the very first real winter evening of the past year. A thick cover of snow over a landscape and path new to both of us. Children playing and building surprisingly tall snowmen everywhere, and evening lights gradually turning on …

It was magical.

Reality made us delay swimming until Sunday, but that felt just great too. I am not sure when I last swam, especially not for exercise, but I always enjoy it a lot. I got out of the pool on slightly shaky legs and spent a wonderful while in the sauna before heading home feeling completely soft and worked out.

The rest of the day has mainly been about food, desserts, some wine and podcasts. I look forward to doing more when it comes to podcasting. Apart from listening that is, there I feel I am doing my part and perhaps even a bit more …