I broke my site

(For starters: the headline changes are intentional.)

Watch and learn, kids, the trials and tribulations of hacking your own static-site generator.

Being what you would not be wrong to call a fool, I have:

In all, things went surprisingly well. I got stuff where I wanted it, I can still reach it all from any device where I have Dropbox, and I can push and pull up and down streams of git repositories when and if I so desire.

However, it was not all smooth. I accidentally checked in much more than I intended at first: both the actual built site as well as various invisible files OS X creates all over the place. In undoing, redoing, filtering and generally messing around to fix this, I clearly confused Dropbox. Dropbox keeps track of previous versions of files - which is wonderful because it allowed me to see and undo my damage - and at some point it seems to have changed a few files back to older versions. I noticed because - first and foremost - the top image was suddenly the one I had before, but also because I suddenly was not getting files ending in just .md built as HTML.

So: do not go messing too intensively with files in Dropbox, not all at once. Had I done it all correctly right away, it would probably have been completely fine.