The future of my computing

As one might have guessed, the Ipad pro was the new Apple device which got me the most excited of the things Apple introduced during their fall of 2015 event. While bigger numbers are always nice, it is most often the things with truly new capabilities which really capture my interest. Better specs allow us to do more of the same things, or the same things quicker. This can certainly add up to revolutionary-level changes eventually, but not in the immediately exciting way different hardware capabilities can. Not only does the Ipad pro have exciting accessories, the larger screen in itself holds potential for rethinking of things. It was the same thing last year: the truly unusual screen handling of the Iphone 6 plus had me the most excited because it could mean different experiences in use and in software development.

The Ipad pro - especially in concert with IOS 9 - reminds me stronger than ever just how close I am to being able to ditch all traditional computers and have a tablet as my main device. It might seem i have plenty of barriers, but when I really boil it down the one thing stopping me is the fact that I want to develop stuff. I want to write, run and test code - both native, compiled languages and web - and I do not see any workable ways to get that done. To be sure, there are ways, but I can not think of one where the amount of work involved would most likely lead me to not writing any code at all pretty quickly.

The second sticking point would be podcasting, both recording and editing. That does seem like a pretty darn big pile of challenges too, but for some reason I feel confident that I could get it to work well enough. I am in no way sure that I am right about it. Perhaps I just feel more ready to jump through hoops to get it done if I went tablet-only.

An interesting implicit assumption in all this is that my tablet would be an IOS one. While I have no interest in switching to present-day Windows, I have to say I would not rule out some other tablet OS provided it was nice enough and had the apps I needed. Thinking and acting as if IOS is the one and only option is simply because today it seems by far the closest-to-viable option.

Ipad writing in progress Ipad writing in progress

As I sit here, typing this into my retina Ipad mini using a nice bluetooth keyboard, I am deeply attracted to a future where this could be my one and only computing environment.

… perhaps I do not need to code in my spare time after all?

… so, what would my options for podcasting be?

It is always good to think out loud, I rediscovered this article from 2013 and find myself more tempted than ever. Still, coding keeps computers around, so perhaps they will get to keep the podcast stuff while I have other uses for them.