Content generation

I ended up doing something new for Kodsnack this week. On Saturday I attended Kodcentrum's hackathon for children, did some recording and gathered a lot of ideas. Since schedules had generally collided rendering us unable to do any regular recording, I then edited those recordings together with my own post-event thoughts. The result is decidedly different than a normal episode of Kodsnack but also, I hope, a format good enough that we can use and polish it going forward.

Ah, yes: the episode page is here. In Swedish, just like the episode itself.

I feel I got my main points across, but of course there are a million things I would like to do even better in the future. And will do better in the future, simply by virtue of having done it before. In fact, what I like best about it may actually be that I went through with the format of the episode and also got it done without completely burying myself in details. Now I have done it once and feel good about it. Hopefully I will do it a couple of times more in the future, then look back and be amazed by how much I have improved.

Recording by myself is also a really good experience. Talking into the corner of a room all by yourself, it is so easy to get stuck just staring at the microphone, do lots of restarts and generally get stuck on something silly.

It is as if we were wired to only do this talking thing with two or more people.

I am not even sure yet what the right amount of notes for me is. That is: when I record by myself, should I make a lot more notes than I did this time, or much fewer ones? I can easily see either option being the best, so I guess I will just have to try, repeat and find out. Nothing beats simply doing a couple of times, and I am sure it will make me a better podcaster all over as well. My vision is to be able to just sit down and go all Merlin Mann whatever the topic or situation.

No, I will never get there, but one needs a vision.