Balance is not being perfectly still. Balance is moving in such a way that it averages out reasonably close to the balance point.

November has been a quite nicely balanced month for me. I have been to conferences where I have both listened and participated by interviewing. So far out of my normal field of activity, it both completely drained me mentally while at the same time energizing and focusing me when I got back to my actual job. The month began with a release at work, and the resulting feedback has given me lots of concrete things to work on and great enthusiasm about making things even better.

I have been in touch with so many people, both at those conferences and otherwise. I have of course kept podcasting as well, enjoying it as much as ever.

All this social activity has made me enjoy my non-social downtime more, with fewer feeling that I should be doing something else. Thus, November has also been a pretty good gaming month where I happily plowed through Wings remastered in sessions both long and short.

It sounds like a lot, and I certainly do not mind December having a lot fewer calendar events. But here is the sign of balance: I am leaving the month feeling happy, relaxed and energetic. I would not mind if more months felt like this November did.

Also, I have not had much time to feel weighed down by the creeping autumn darkness. That could well be the greatest win of a busy November.

Out in the air

Yesterday I - yes, I dare use the f-word - finally got out on a longer run again. I covered 21 kilometers at a comfortable pace, and felt good through and through.

It did feel like a long time since I ran more than 16 kilometers, and when I checked my notes I realized the last time I ran more than those 16 was Lejonbragden back in May, and the last non-competition time was two weeks before that. It sure feels good to be back, and even more so now that it is the day after and I do not feel worn out or broken down but rather just enthusiastic about the next long run.

There are many nice ways of being really tired, but I rank the tiredness after a long run very highly. It feels like I have used my body for the right purpose. And of course, I also love the way it kicks my apetite in gear and makes me feel I really should refill my stores with good, solid food.