Back to work

Welcome back! We missed you!

Tomorrow, I come back to work after my summer holiday.

Fortunately, the image is not at all what it feels like. It does feel … distant, though. Work feels like a long time ago, so I think I have done my holiday right.

I am still woefully unable to really sleep in, stay in bed ridiculously late and just let days drift away dozing off in the sun. But I have become better at the aspects I care most about; taking more breaths, being more still and trying to just be and enjoy instead of nourishing a feeling that I should be doing something all the time (inevitably checking and re-checking social media when I can not think of anything to do for five seconds. Or when I have done something for five minutes and imagine I deserve a break). I have felt at ease coding very little, I do not berate myself for not exercising more, or for the amount of time I have spent listening to podcasts.

During the last week I got seriously into reading books. I wonder when I last had such an intense reading period, it must be many, many years ago. My stack of physical books beautifully and refreshingly empty, I wonder if I can use the momentum to get through some of the e-books I have had sitting around since the beginning of time. I even had the thought of using my library card, so who knows where and how this will end.

Yesterday I was on my way to town and just happened to cross paths with all the mopeds. I sent the link to the local newspaper and was surprised to find their post swiftly updated to include an attributed link. Later in the evening, I was significantly more surprised by the amount of views on the clip. I had no idea a post on a local paper's site about a very local event would attract … much of any traffic, really. The clip was picked up and linked multiple times on the Facebook page for the event they were all heading to, but still … Cool!

Tomorrow something new begins. Today feels like a calm ending, suns setting and credits rolling.