Edging toward winter

I am all out of pod, for the moment, and feel joyously free to focus on other things.

This could make you wonder why I subscribe to so many, and that question is not lost on me.

I did push two off the subscription list, good ones, but those two made very little impact on the average weekly minutes added.

I wonder if I am leaving the bright, energetic part of the autumn and am now edging ever so slowly into that gentle slope of darkness and tiredness which hopefully starts turning around with the winter solstice. My calendar has been quite full - for being mine - during the last couple of weeks, and sitting here on a Monday evening I find myself once again looking forward to having blank spaces than filled ones in the evenings. I will try not to go without a fight though, I made an effort to do more things and it paid off, so I think a little effort to keep going can get me far. With any luck, that thought itself is a sign I have built some habit, and I prefer to maintain habits rather than break them.

Speaking of which: I did some good habit-breaking where I did not exercise between Tuesday and Sunday, yet still managed to not get all antsy but rather enjoy the things I was doing.

Sure, I feel dead set on exercising every day until I have the numbers back in order, but feeling good about doing so is a good step.

In my usual way, when picking up again after days of good eating and drinking I dream of sort of cleansing myself. Less coffee, fresh and filling low-energy lunches, even less alcohol and as little candy, cookies and ice cream as possible.

I had at least three cups of coffee at work today, and a pretty big lunch. And I enjoyed all of it. I remain unable to decide whether I should feel good about those lunches out. I can afford them and I enjoy them, but do I really need them? I always think I should eat less and better, but while I maintain my current balance I do not seem to have any ill effects from the occassional lunch out, beer, cake or pint of ice cream. And it is silly to worry that I would need a different balance if I did not exercise too much. Sure, I would, but that does not mean I could have that balance now. If I ate for less movement I would melt into nothing, and that would be a short and pointless exercise even if I would possibly enjoy a very early part of it.

All of which is a very long way of saying I seem to have a decent balance, one which I try to both maintain and be relaxed about to enjoy at the same time.

In other news of the day: liquid water flows on Mars have been confirmed and I stopped my Apple music subscription.

The first is cool, the second typical of good old non-subscription me. It was not the clunkiness of Apple music, or that I got no value out of it. On the contrary, I have listened to a lot more new music than I ever expected and have experienced fewer problems than the average internet loudmouth. It is just my aversion to things with recurring costs and the implicit "I should use this more so I get value for my money" they can bring along.

In this way, I have been old and crufty ever since I started earning my own money. Or slightly before that, probably.

Give me a one-time purchase I care about, though, and watch me splurge.