On feet

In my years of running, I have been lucky enough to rarely hurt myself. A month or so ago, that caught up with me for perhaps the second time ever. I am recovering from a dull pain in some side muscle which at the worst times made the leg feel as if it would just fold in certain positions. I am lucky inside this too, I have been able to go about my days pretty unhindered all the time, and I can already run short distances on flat ground and not feel as if I am making things worse in the process.

Here's the thing: as I recover, I am rediscovering movement and balance again. Even this small speed bump makes me realize how much fun the body in motion is and how great it is to be able to use it. Changing positions, standing up and sitting down, shifting my weight between feet and points of my feet. Walking in various ways, noticing how different it can feel, how one way of walking can feel both lighter, easier, smoother and faster than another. How a pain or strain can often be relieved by relaxing, getting into the motion and make the move more normal than the pain wants to dictate.

I may sound silly and happy.

I am, and proud.

(And also greatly looking forward to a long, painless and relaxed run.)