Mom told me

It is wonderfully cool outside. I have not only slept with windows closed, I have also worn socks for three days straight.

Today was my first day at work after my summer holiday. As we were chatting about the holidays, the topic of end-of-weekend and end-of-holiday anxiety came up. I said that I had apparently avoided all of that quite effectively by attending a great party on Saturday night, which - especially with a delayed train home - made me tired enough to turn the lights off just after nine on Sunday evening. It then occurred to me that is what just what mom always told me: how she preferred to go on a trip toward the end of the vacation and come back just in time to catch her breath and set the alarm clock for the first day of work. Up until today, I always thought I would much rather be at home and have plenty of time to …

… well, something, I suppose.

Knowing before you do, such a typical mom thing.