This is a great state for me.

Taken together, the last few days have had a kind of balance

or near-balance

between creating stuff and taking new stuff in. I have made progress building cool stuff at work. I have exercised. I have recorded and edited podcasts. I have written and published a post on my site. I have listened to a whole boatload of podcasts and I have started reading En av oss by ├ůsne Seierstad.

Writing it like this, it looks like kind of a lot. But it has actually been a pretty calm flow of things with plenty of breathing room, dozing on couches and listening to the wind.

This is the kind of rythm I want to keep going. Not speeding it up, nor slowing it down. Just keep taking in and putting out in a sort of steady, even flow. Repeating the process often and without deep thinking.