Choose shoes

Now that I have Fivefingers again the urge to wear them for Lejonbragden is growing stronger and stronger. They give me the feeling I want when I run, but I know two important things for sure:

First, I have only used this particular pair once. They are nowhere near worn in.

Second, if anything I am more likely to pick up blisters and chafe when I wear Fivefingers. If there is one thing I should do, it is to minimize known risks of chafing and blisters.

I am pretty sure what the adult and responsible way is: to tape and sock my feet as carefully as last year and do the race in my Innov8. They are the softest, most seamless shoes I have, and of course I have had the time to wear them in properly.

On the other hand: they are the shoes I least enjoy running in. I always miss the sense of being in touch with the surface. Of course, Lejonbragden does not exactly run on exciting and stimulating surfaces. A ten-kilometer figure eight of asphalt may well be the best possible thing to remove a bit of touch with.

It is easy to think "Oh, I just start in the Fivefingers and change if my feet start complaining." My worry is that it would be too late to finish comfortably even in other shoes. I know I can run 30+ kilometers in Fivefingers without major protests even if I develop some serious blisters in the process. If that happens I do not know how much help it would be to change shoes after, say, 50 kilometers.

I really should be sensible and keep everything as far to the safe side as I possibly can. My longest runs ever are exactly half the distance. There will be plenty of other things to worry about without throwing new shoes into the mix.

Still … the lovely barefoot feeling …

I should have surprised myself with new shoes earlier.

(No, I will not bring myself to type "maybe next year".)