Sightings of plural

What better way to start off a week than a meetup on Monday night? Conferences can be good for you even if you do not attend them. They can put interesting people on paths which suddenly cross yours. All of which is to say that Monday night saw a special meetup of the Gothenburg Pluralsight study group attended by Aaron Skonnard - the CEO - and several other central people of Pluralsight itself. There was plenty of both Q and A, with Aaron and the others being really keen to get feedback from the user group and also happy to tell more about Pluralsight and answer questions about technology and planned courses.

Just as important was that two Pluralsight authors (among other things) also attended - Lynn Langit and Llewellyn Falco who told us a bit about their project Teaching kids programming. I have been thinking about that subject on and off, and several other attendants clearly had too, so their project clearly struck a chord and got ideas flowing for many of us.

I am not really going anywhere with this, I just want to spread the word a bit more and thank everyone for a very energizing evening. I am eager to learn more about everything!

And perhaps even try to pass some knowledge along to others, at some point …