Our new armchair and footstool were delivered this afternoon.

It fit really nicely.

Well, except through the front door. We had to leave all the packaging out in the stairwell.

I sort of enjoy recycling stuff. Carrying a few bags of reasonably sorted things out to the sorting house every now and then.

Two rounds of IKEA packaging is clearly my tolerance level for 24 hours. Will delivery service eventually - much like that for kitchen appliances - start to include removal of stuff as well?

In any case, in the armchair went. I half expected walking in to find the cat already curled up. Instead, I am the one who has been happily making myself at home pretty much all night. This is not a bad place to listen to some podcasts, doze off after a hard (cough) day at work, code a little bit and do some other little writing.

My summer holiday is getting very close, and I seem to be getting into the mood perfectly.