Opa style

This calf thing is giving me some new and healthy perspective. No wonder professional athletes try to come back too soon from injuries, overextend themselves and get injured again. Here I am, feeling frustrated and rusty recovering from this minor thing for three weeks. And for me nothing but my own habits hang in the balance, while they have a livelihood in the balance.

I went for another run today. It looked nice and sunny but it was actually a few degrees below zero and pretty windy to boot. I felt like a wheezing old man with a worn old body. Still strong in mind, knowing just what I wanted to do and how it should be done, but my worn old body woefully behind its old days; frail and bound to break down even more should the pressure ever become even slightly too great. I stumbled on, stubbornly, in the cold sunny air. After a while, I had to grudginly admit that once again the calf felt clearly better than last time, and my steps were again straighter, more natural and less strained. I passed some fellow runners but was never passed myself. I even relaxed and let my steps flow a bit lighter downhill. That felt pretty nice too.

Mindset quite clearly changed, I headed for a wonderfully warm shower. That cold wind can really get to you.

And by the way, I am not bitter, sad or broken. I am just amused at how much in that direction my mind drifted before I noticed it. Also, I guess I enjoyed doing it. I have rarely been in the grumpy old man mindset before.

So, perspective. Good thing. Try it and cherish it whenever possible.