Programming the future

I have listened to two talks in the past few days which really both hit home and connected to eachother for me. The first was Bret Victor's excellent The future of programming, the second a speech and (especially) questions and answers section with Steve Jobs from 1983. If you are at all interested in the topics I higly recommend both. They are both all about ideas and concepts and free from gritty stuff like code.

So, what connects them for me? Quite simply a simultaneously frustrated and excited realization of how slowly technology really is advancing. How much is just polish and gradual improvement, and how little is actually brave new ideas. Bret Victor places his speech in 1973 and lists a handful of large and interesting areas where we have pretty much stood still ever since then.

We have no excuses for that. There is so much left to do.

And what about all the new radical ideas we should have had since then? Are they out there? Are we even skilled enough to detect them in all the noise of gradual improvements pitched as the next big thing?