December 08, 2019

Exercise finished?

The watch asks if my exercise is over.

Foolish gadget, I just moved into a house.

My exercise will not ever be over.

One of the advantages of moving is a lot more space. And what is the natural thing to do when I find myself in a pretty empty room with a few minutes to spare?

Play a round of Beat saber, of course.

More space to move without worry turns out to make the game even more fun, to a degree I had not anticipated at all. I usually stand pretty still when playing, but the game does of course track my movement. When you start to move your feet and arms more freely, it becomes even more of a fun dance (and a even better workout), but it struck me that the ability to take a step backward has a major gameplay impact. Suddenly, I can gain some extra tenths of a second to hit the next blocks by moving backward. That extra little bit of flexibility is just fantastic in the difference it makes.

A lot of this might of course be entirely in my head, effects of being able to move more and simply have more fun. But I have set new personal records on every song I have tried, so I imagine there is an actual benefit too.

Good times!

I have not had the time to try Robo recall yet, but I imagine the increase in fun factor is as great or even greater there.

(I also have the final episode of Vader immortal waiting for me, for some rainy day like this were we are not busy relaxing on the couch, enjoying the patter of rain drops on the windows and the wind rustling the trees.)

November 23, 2019

Finite numbers

Biking uphill on my way home, it struck me that there is a very limited number of times left of this particular uphill bike ride. Soon, there will instead be an unknown number of trips along a completely different route. Including, yes, a completely different uphill climb to get home. I keep imagining that it is a bit less steep, but it will probably be more than enough to get the heart pumping.

One previously infinite number became finite and started counting down, while a new and currently infinite number appeared right in line behind it.

Fun to happen to notice a change like this before it actually happens. While the numbers are still counting.

November 18, 2019

Gardens and boards

For me, the winter darkness of the year really landed on my shoulders in the past week. We have had some truly classic November days recently - gray, overcast, cold, and with a great variety of rain types.

Personally, I was shook enough by last year's heat wave and drought that I welcome all rain and cold with even more open arms than ever before.

There is something about the damp everyday outdoors. About standing in a garden where most of the leaves have fallen, the grass lush and soft, and everything covered in tiny drops of water. There was no mist, but it could not have been more than a step away.

Keyboard news

I still use and love my 40% keyboard, but it is now becoming clear that my regular switching of keyboard layouts is interfering with my precision.

The natural course of action was of course(?) to buy another one, so that I can type with the same layout both at home and at work without needing to ferry a keyboard back and forth. I am still waiting for it to be assembled and shipped, but considering the amount of soldering I have done the extra wait and money felt well worth it. To mix things up a little, the new board is split, so I will get the additional bonus of playing around with even more ergonomic desk layouts. Putting a trackpad between the two halves seems like a natural thing to do, but we shall see.

It occured to me that using an external keyboard at home might mean playing around with desk layout there too. I should take a serious stab at improving my port situation for one, and for another I might want to add a mouse to the setup as well. My Macbook is likely to remain my main home computer for a while, and using an external keyboard with the builtin trackpad always feels a bit awkward. I end up doing strange stuff like switching between keyboards while pointing, or even worse end up using the builtin keyboard while I have the external one sitting on my lap.

Perfect autumn entertainment, no?

November 02, 2019

Retro gaming

The other day I started playing Horizon chase turbo, a wonderful racing game with what old-timers would call a joyful retro feel. Colorful, fast, and completely without aspirations to realism. I love every minute. It's also a large game, chock-full of tracks, cars, and upgrades. All of which you unlock by - and this is where it gets even more retro - playing the game and getting good at it! No micro transactions as far as the eye can see. (An additional tour is available for purchase, and considering the amount included in the game I have no doubt it is equally good value for money.)

I found myself thinking that this is the kind of game which feels perfect for Apple arcade - all the content, none of the modern annoyances. Then I thought the game is kind of retro in its very business model.

And then I thought: is it not about bloody time the "modern" business model of slot machines as thinly wrapped in games as possible died a firey death? Could we get an app store to push them off into their own shameful category? "Microtransactions" perhaps, or "We have no respect for you or your time".

… that last one has room for several social networks, come to think of it …

October 13, 2019

Night time

This site now has a dark mode.

Basic, but still.

I opened the local copy after a little while of writing in a dark Sublime window, the whole OS in dark mode and with a daylight-adjustning and thus appropriately dark desktop background image set. The contrast made it clear that it was time to alter the styling at night, however crude the solution might be. So I just followed the basic instructions here, skipping the fancy variable stuff.

Speaking of Sublime, it has its dark mode … deficiencies. I just saved this file for the first time, and the colour scheme went from my painstakinly set calm dark to eye-searing white in an instant. I have no idea why, but I am now seriously threatening Sublime with a switch to Visual studio code.

There we go. How calm and dark and code-looking things are over here in Electron-land.

Okay, that was short-lived. My service for inserting Markdown links with a keyboard shortcut did not work over there. I blame Electron, and curse the brightness of this background colour.